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RA Smith Construction: Building Great Homes for Great People

The process of putting together a custom home or renovation requires unique attention to the desires of the home owner, the architectural style, and the features that make a home unique to each client.  This requires special design capabilities, the understanding of classic building techniques, and the ability to produce a product that reflects the customers ultimate desire and goal. 

RA Smith Construction brings a unique approach to this process.  Anchored on Robert Smith's 40 years in the construction business, his team of craftsmen and tradesmen are dedicated to bringing the highest quality products and services to the custom building market place.  Robert works alongside his two sons Jacob and Robert Jr., bringing the influence and creativity of a new generation to the process.  RA Smith Construction has an in-house cabinet and millwork shop to meet the demands of the most complex home designs or reproduce the unique features of historic structures.

"When we complete a project our clients know that their home is unique to them, their personality and their desires.  The attention to detail and personal interaction makes this all possible.  My experience  has shown me that the ability to produce products that match the style and architectural intent precisely, makes all the difference in creating truly one of a kind homes", says Robert.  Whether it be a curved staircase, custom cabinet design, or grand front entrance, these products are designed and produced in our shop.

  • Unique Craftsmanship

    There is no better way to truly set your home apart than by customizing it with beautiful hardware, custom cabinetry through our cabinetry shop and custom moldings. Millwork is this craft - making ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you are looking to have a grand staircase complete with a specially designed banister and stair parts or you are looking to add decorative moldings to the walls or ceilings - we can help you find that something special that will make your home exactly what you want.  Learn More

  • Keeping Originality

    Preserving the historic integrity of an older structure, making it functional with using effective modern mechanical systems- while enhancing, not altering, the intent. Keep the layout of the structure resurrecting the livability and convenience of the building. Incorporate design and function - giving back it's grandeur. It takes creativity, knowledge of today's building innovations and techniques, a respect for the original architecture and character of the home, experience, and a lot of hard work.  Learn More


  • Lumber 84 Affiliation

    We pride ourselves with choosing the Lumber 84 materials for all our mill work, staircase design, and cabinetry design through our Cabinetry Shop. To complete the enhanced look we strive for in all our custom projects, the detail in the wood comes natural with the right lumber distributor.